Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is bringing 12 machines to NPE 2018 featuring diverse machine demonstrations that highlight the Productivity+ benefits that can expand your molding capabilities and increase profitability.

The machines, which will range from 33 to 562 U.S. tons, will be located in the following 5 booths in the West Hall:

  • Sumitomo (SHI) Demag - Booth W3045
  • RJG Inc. - Booth W3383
  • Yushin America, Inc. - Booth W2173
  • Gammaflux L.P. (Männer molds) - Booth W763
  • Canon Virginia, Inc. - Booth W223

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All of the molding demonstrations will showcase the Productivity+ benefits of Sumitomo Demag’s machinery — the advanced technology, applications flexibility and innovative solutions that expand the capabilities of injection molding, increase throughput, eliminate waste, decrease energy use and improve overall profitability for molders.

SEEV-A Platform of All-Electric Machines

Ten of the molding demonstrations will highlight the advanced motor technology, Z-Molding capabilities and exceptional applications flexibility of the SEEV-A platform of all-electric machines. This will provide an opportunity to see 7 of the 13 model sizes in action spanning the full 56 to 562 U.S. tonnage range of this platform. More significant will be the extreme diversity of challenging applications, underscoring the exceptional flexibility of this machine series.

Some of the SEEV-A all-electric molding applications will include:

  • Injection-compression molding plus in-mold labeling of a thin-wall food container lid on a ~4-second cycle
  • 8-cavity molding of a thin-wall medical dosing cup on a ~3-second cycle
  • Vacuum cleaner fan component molding with fast color change
  • 32-cavity, high-precision, high-speed molding of medical pipettes

Micro Molding and Ultra-High-Speed Molding

Other challenging applications in Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s booth will include:

  • A micro molding demonstration of a DNA-free, high-clarity sample collection tube with a wall thickness of .250mm
  • An El-Exis SP 300 producing 72 caps on a ~2-second cycle

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