SYSTEC SP - precision and speed as a unity
Ultra-High-Speed Hybrid Injection Molding Machines


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Thanks to our longstanding experience in injection moulding of thin-walled containers and standard caps, injection processes can be realized with Systec SP within 4 to 12 seconds in the most efficient way. Equipped with the innovative standard drive system activeDrive combining a frequency-regulated high-performance engine with a hydraulic pump, as well as the control technology activeMotionControl, Systec SP works faster and is more energy efficient than its counterparts. With faster axle movements and a highly dynamic injection technology this innovative system significantly increases its output rate, while clearly reducing energy consumption. The greater dynamics of the driven axles during the injection movement allow very short fi lling and switching times, thus directly influencing the quality of the manufactured parts. Thus, with Systec SP you not only increase the quality, cost effectiveness and economic viability of your production, but also save resources and the environment. Moreover, the extremely smooth operation of the machine is highly appreciated by users. The Systec SP range is available with clamping forces from 1,600 to 4,200 kN.

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