Liquid Injection Molding Solutions

Highest efficiency and process stability.

Our all-electric molding machines ensure uninterrupted processes and thus minimum material loss. Together with minimum energy consumption, this guarantees the maximum efficiency for your production.  
From micro to multi, from clean room to automation –we make your projects a reality.

Tailored solutions for your project.

Through our strong partner network we offer you comprehensive solutions far beyond machine technology. This complements our expertise in the areas of materials, dosing technology, tooling and demolding concepts, automation technology and even turnkey solutions. This means that you receive your all-round complete package from a single source.

Precision in LSR.

The Sumitomo Group’s specially developed motor and drive technology achieves high injection dynamics and extremely precise switch overs, especially for LSR injection molding. This ensures the highest quality standards for high-cavity tools and delicate components.

Injection molding processes 

Whether LSR, high-speed injection molding, micro injection molding or multi-component technology, a machine from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag can reliably produce complex geometries with precise undercuts and structures as well as small molded parts with tolerances down to the micrometer range. Thanks to the interaction of high-speed machines and extraction robots, you can produce your parts economically and with the shortest possible cycle times.

LSR Molding Solutions.

Our practical equipment packages meet all the requirements for silicone processing. We can supply you with the full scope of equipment including LSR injection unit, vacuum, heating, cooling and interfaces to peripherals. We would be pleased to advise you on the full integration of dosing systems and robotics.

Steven Ross

Sr. Manager, Strategic Sales & Marketing

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