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NEW El-Exis SP 1000 Ultra-High-Speed Hybrid
The new El-Exis SP 1000 stands alone as the largest, hybrid, ultra-high-speed packaging machine on the market. Better still, it offers amazing energy efficiency due to its fourth generation design, servomotors and pressure optimization during loading of the hydraulic accumulator. The 10,000 kN (1124 U.S. tons) machine, with up to 1000 mm/sec injection speeds and 2.7 sec dry cycle, was specifically designed for pails and other large plastic containers used in food, pet nutrition, paint and chemical applications. Its high-performance, energy efficiency and ability to mold thinner, lighter-weight products sets a new industry benchmark for overall productivity in large-scale packaging molding.

NEW SE30EV-A All-Electric Micro Molder
The most challenging micro-molding applications have met their match. The SE30EV-A, the newest member of the SE-EV-A all-electric platform (33 to 562 U.S. tons), combines up to 600 mm/sec injection speeds with Z-Molding’s Flow Front Control to ensure complete filling with no overpacking or flash of the most difficult, micron-toleranced parts. Powerful, compact, clean-room capable and ultra-precise, it’s the obvious molder’s choice for medical, connector, microfluidics and other micro-molding applications.



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Expanded Support for North America
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s long-term commitment to North America molders can be seen in our large parts inventory, expanding range of Aftersales services and now in our growing geographic footprint and support staff. This recent growth has included the opening of two new locations in Chicago and Anaheim, plus we’ve tripled the size of our Atlanta facility. Whether you need to train personnel, optimize machine performance, expand processing capabilities, solve a challenging new molding application or protect and build the value of your existing machinery fleet, you can count on us for the solutions and support.
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