Mid-Sized All-Electric Machines for Fast-Cycle Applications

Examples of fast cycle CT-6 molding

Models: SE220EV-A-HD CT-6, SE250EV-A-HD CT-6, SE280EV-A-HD CT-6, SE315EV-A-HD CT-6, SE350EV-A-HD CT-6, SE385EV-A-HD CT-6, SE450EV-A-HD CT-6 and SE500EV-A-HD CT-6

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  • Ideally suited for 6 to 15s cycle times
  • 8 model sizes from 224 to 510 mtons
  • Injection speeds up to 330 mm/s
  • All-electric drive technology
  • 50-60% more energy efficient vs hydraulic

This new machinery option brings together the popular SEEV-A-HD Series all-electric with new higher performance specifications tailored to meet a wide range of packaging product applications with cycle times down to 6 seconds.

CT-6 Spec Upgrades

Delivering excellent overall productivity for packaging applications, the CT-6 Spec combines increased injection performance with durability improvements required by long-term, fast-cycle molding. These include:

  • Injection speeds have been increased up to 330 mm/s dependent on injection unit size
  • Advanced direct-drive motor technology for clamping delivers fast, reliable, high-speed mold open/close and shorter cycle times
  • Toggle support rigidity has been improved to ensure reliability at fast cycles
  • Toggle cross-head linearity displacement has been improved to extend toggle lifespan
  • The SM screw assembly has been added as standard. This advanced screw design provides low shear plasticizing and thorough mixing at low temperatures, avoiding problems such as burning and black spots. Additionally, due to the lower temperature and reduced cooling time, the SM screw can help reduce cycle times.

Bigger molds in smaller machines

Many of the features that have made the SEEV-A-HD so popular with molders worldwide also provide advantages for packaging applications. For example, several features work together to allow bigger molds to run on smaller machines:

  • A stronger, more rigid frame construction has increased the allowable mold weight
  • The new linear guidance system ensures that even heavy stack molds open and close smoothly and parallelism is maintained
  • Tie bar spacing was increased and is the highest among machines of the same class and the square configuration allows molds to be loaded from the side
  • Z-Molding’s MCM system (see below) reduces clamp force requirements

Fast, smooth mold open/close

New S-MOVE technology replaces multi-step mold open/close speed settings with an optimized speed pattern that is faster and smoother. This, combined with exceptionally fast clamp open/close speeds up to 56.6 in/s (1438 mm/s), shortens cycle times.

The reduction in vibration due to S-MOVE technology plus increased machine base rigidity also support take-out robot accuracy at high speeds.

Multi-toggle clamp force control can also be used to reduce cycle times using the high-cycle mode in which filling begins during clamping.


Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s Z-Molding capabilities include three systems that work together to decrease defects to a rate approaching zero. These systems include:

  • Simple Process Setting (SPS) system which allows easy setup and operations while helping the operator avoid mistakes
  • Flow Front Control (FFC) system for complete filling at lower pressure. In high-speed thin-wall and high-cavitation molding, the ability to balance the fill across the cavities is essential. Z-Molding’s Flow Front Control (FFC) system achieves complete and balanced filling with reduced injection pressure. The system takes advantage of the energy in the flow front of the resin to complete filling in an even fashion as opposed to forcing material into open areas and flashing areas that were already filled. FFC precisely controls screw position at VP switchover to balance fill speed and pressure across all cavities. Problems associated with overfilling and trapped gases do not occur.
  • Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) system which reduces clamp force requirements. MCM automatically detects the minimum point at which the mold halves are completely parallel and surface pressure is evenly distributed across the mold faces. Added benefits include: avoidance of burn spots and short shots and less trapped gases.

Rapid Return on Investment

Molders will experience a rapid return on investment (ROI) with the SEEV-A-HD CT-6 due to the application flexibility, the ability to run larger molds on smaller machines and the overall productivity of the series. Productivity factors contributing to the rapid ROI include:

  • Significant energy savings due to exceptionally energy-efficient, low-inertia motors and low-friction design improvements
  • Reduced water and grease use
  • Faster start-up
  • Reduced scrap
  • Faster cycle times
  • Reduced downtime
  • Quick mold change
  • Minimized preventive maintenance
  • Ability for unmanned and lights out operation

The SEEV-A-HD is backed by a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Program with Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s standard-setting warranty program, worry-free parts, responsive field service and financing availability – plus advantages such as expert processing assistance.

Please use the SEEV-A-HD Info links below for more information about this series of high-precision all-electric injection molding machines.


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