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Feature Driven Technologies

With a comprehensive range of innovative and proven technologies, the experts at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag can configure your machine precisely to your application. Because you know best: Your investment in a new machine is only worthwhile if maximum operational efficiency is assured with maximum production output.

+ Future-proof

+ Innovative

+ Process Consistent

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Zero-Molding (Z-Molding)

Zero-molding is a combination of technologies developed in house that will reduce defects, loss or faults. This technology is the culmination of three unique systems: Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM), Flow Front Control (FFC), and Simple Process Settings (SPS). For a more in depth explanation of the technologies, please see this page covering our Zero-Molding technology.


SE, CL, SR, SV all-electric machine series

Minimum Clamp Molding (MCM)

The clamp is optimized to use the minimum force necessary to achieve full surface contact. This prevents excessive clamp forces that could deform the mold and affect the venting.


SE, CL, SR, SV all-electric machine series

Flow Front Control (FFC)

The Flow Front Control (FFC) system achieves complete and balanced filling with reduced injection pressure. FFC takes advantage of the energy in the flow front of the resin to complete filling in an even fashion as opposed to forcing material into open areas and thus flashing the areas that were already filled.



SE, CL, SR, SV all-electric machine series

Simple Process Setting (SPS)

Simple Process Setting (SPS) system that provides fast, guided setup, ease of use and machine optimization. The machine controller has been redesigned to reduce screen switching for mold setup and purging. The user interface is arranged by process from the operator’s point of view to reduce mistakes and ensure intuitive adjusting of parameters. This can ensure faster production and less scrap by increasing the ease to produce a quality part.


SE, CL, SR, SV all-electric machine series

activeLock: Increases process stability.

Reduce shot weight fluctuations by up to 60%! The switchable non-return valve prevents the melt from flowing back into the plasticizing barrel at the beginning of the injection phase.
This ensures that your injection molded parts can be produced to the highest quality.


Fields of application: 

  • Technical plastics 
  • Precision or technical parts
  • Small to medium screw diameters


activeFlowBalance: Balancing out filling fluctuations.

Compensates for underfilling of injection molds! 
Compensation for the negative effects of uneven mold filling and a uniform molded part quality in multiple cavities can be achieved. This reduces your scrap rate and increases your part quality. Another effect is that the max. injection pressure is reduced, resulting in a reduction of the clamping force.


Fields of application:

  • High cavitation molds
  • Highest effect with semi-crystalline plastics


activeProtect: Comprehensive tool safety.

Sensitive mold protection and highest productivity!
The measurement and monitoring of the required forces during mold movement allows an active and immediate reaction to deviations. The monitoring is performed via an envelope curve which monitors for any deviation in relation to the set profile. If any deviation is detected then the mold is actively stopped. activeProtect works with complete safety in every process phase. Sensitive protection of the tools is possible even with fast mold movements.

activeDrive: Innovative energy-saving drive.

Increase your energy savings! A frequency-controlled high-performance motor in combination with a hydraulic pump ensures optimum efficiency, as only as much power is made available as is required in each phase of the cycle.
The result is minimal losses and significant energy savings, especially with partial loads as well as in no-load operation.



activeMoldWater: Electronic water monitoring.

Increase your production efficiency! Effective and accurate mold temperature control optimizes your cycle times and reduces production downtime. Changes in the control circuit temperature become visible, are available in the PDE and lead to a reduction in scrap.

activeAdjust: Process optimization.

Adapt the machines to your needs! With activeAdjust, the optimum control characteristics can be selected without external help using a simple slide control system. This offers the advantage that the injection molding machine, which is designed for a wide range of applications, can be individually adjusted to your product. With maximum dynamics, you can achieve the shortest cycle times for fast applications or use very soft movements with low dynamics in order to produce technically sophisticated components in the best possible way.


An advanced direct-drive motor technology for clamping that achieves faster clamp open/close speeds, shorter cycle times, and provides smooth clamping. The reduction in vibration due to S-MOVE technology plus increased machine base rigidity also supports takeout robot accuracy at high speeds. Multi-toggle clamp force control can also be used to reduce cycle times using the high-cycle mode in which filling begins during clamping. 

Direct Drive Servo Motor


All of the motors used in our injection molding machines are designed in-house with over 130 years of experience to provide unmatched reliability, exceptional efficiency, and the most precise control. Direct drive motor applications are more compact, power dense, with accurate dynamics and speed, increased reliability due to less friction, and lower maintenance costs. Because the parts are developed internally we know the motors inside and out and can optimize them for all applications.


Center Press Platen & Double Center Press Platens

The mold platens (CenterPressPlaten CPP 180t, DoubleCenterPressPlaten DCPP 220t-500t+) of our all electric machines have been precisely optimized for the application. Conventional platens can deform during locking, depending on the type and shape of the mold. This deflection is transferred to the injection molded parts by the mold. This deformation can also cause flashing of parts or vents in the mold to work improperly. Our platens (CPP/DCCP) intelligently distribute forces in the platen. 


SK-II Control

The SK-II Control option provides a specially designed screw tip assembly and control software. Learn more about our SK-II technology.

  • Eliminates back flow during screw pull back.
  • Improves shot density control by pre-set pressure and forward screw speed, automatically compensating for any changes in resin properties.
  • Achieves new levels of injection fill precision (shot weight and density) and peak pressure stability.



SE series all-electric machine series

SL Screw (Spiral Logic)

In traditional molding, shear heat develops due to dragging resistance of the resin between the screw flights and the barrel. This causes fluctuation of the molten resin density and various other problems. The SL (Spiral Logic) screw assembly avoids these problems by eliminating shear heating instability. Check this page for more information on our SL screw technology.

Benefits of the SL screw assembly include:

  • A Uni-Layer Melting Model that eliminates the compression zone of the screw and prevents burn spots and stagnation of the melt in the barrel.
  • Improved resin pressure stability and elimination of random short shots.
  • Significantly decreased screw and barrel wear caused by the formation of super critical water.
  • Elimination of product surface blistering due to incomplete material melting.
  • The SL screw assembly also allows exceptionally fast color and/or resin change out.

ISCII (Intelligent Servo Controller II)

The latest control system ISCII (Intelligent Servo Controller II) controls the internally-developed low inertia servomotors.
It enables high precision and highly responsive screw control, realizing more precise and stable plasticization, filling, and pressure holding processes. You can find more information about ISCII here.



SE series all-electric machine series

Max Parallelism

Generously dimensioned linear guides in combination with increased rigidity in the machine bed ensures maximum parallelism of the platens and thus minimizes mold wear. The additional platen support and bush-less tie bar keep linearity of the mold and prevents damage to the mold. The secondary benefit is that because there is less deformation in the platen, it does not affect the molded part. 

Permanent Monitoring

The condition monitoring systems can be used to determine the actual degree of wear and tear, enabling early detection and optimal maintenance costs. Service maintenance can be pre-planned to minimize down time in production. It is composed of three real-time diagnostic options that are implemented across these series of machines. The first option helps to permanently maintain energy efficiency and power on our IntElect machines. The hydraulic option serves to decode the parameters and maintain component quality. The third reliably monitors control voltage across these injection molding machine series.


Micro Molding

This highly specialized process is where material is molded with micron scale tolerances. The part could be just a few microns small or some of the features have tolerances of just a few microns. Specialized technologies like our activeFlowBalance, SL screw technology (spiral logic), SK-II control, and Zero-Molding technology help to create an ultra-precise part consistently even on a part this small.

5-point injection pressure monitoring

Injection pressure is monitored at any 5 moments after filling starts. Molded products for which the pressure exceeds the set high/low limits are judged as defects and can be removed from production.


SE series all-electric machine series

High-Contact Force (Nozzle Touch) System

This is a twin-cylinder high-contact force system that provides significant advantages over lower contact force systems. This is equivalent to a hydraulic clamp machine for high-precision control under high injection pressures. The dual pull-in rods are designed for the protection of molds and sprue bushings. This allows exceptionally fast pressurization/depressurization for faster cycle times.


SE series all-electric machine series


The adoption of the OPC-UA protocol into our machine lineup is going to lead to more efficient and simpler production. The platform agnostic communication protocol allows data to be shared between various machines and auxiliary equipment regardless of manufacturer. It can streamline your tools whether your goal is to tie all the machines on your production floor into a singular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for remote monitoring or being able to control various robots, dryers, and dosing systems through the injection molding machine controller. To learn more about how OPC-UA works see our page detailing this technology.