Sumitomo (SHI) Demag debuting Super High Response (SHR) model showing multi-cavity precision molding at MD&M 2023


Sumitomo Demag (SHI) Plastics North America is showcasing its SE130EV-A-SHR, part of the highly successful SE-EV-A All-Electric product line, at MD&M West 2023 to show its fidelity in repeatable manufacturing with increased acceleration/deceleration injection unit capabilities for thin wall and high precision applications.


With fast fill times, it is important to have a molding machine that can adjust the rate of fill quickly, based on the normal variation of viscosity in a lot of resin. Having this ability to adjust the rate of fill will help keep your validated process in control and minimize potential rejects, scraps or even worse, recalls due to process drift.


[MD&M Booth 3920, Anaheim, CA – February 7, 2023] Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery North America, Inc. will be bringing the first SHR product for its North American debut at any trade show. The excitement around this product lies in the increased acceleration/deceleration capabilities of the injection unit and the increased filling speed from the ultra-high pressure screw unit which offers a


30% increase in maximum injection pressure compared to the standard specification. With a maximum injection speed of 1000mm (about 3.28 ft)/s, it may be the fastest injection for a machine in this size range.


To demonstrate the machine, we are molding electrically conductive pipette tips for capacitive liquid level sensing. The carbon-black enhanced electrically conductive resin was formulated by Premix to enable the measuring of electrical signals at the pipette’s tip. Everything is dried with a Matsui desiccant dryer, then using a Maguire Gravimetric feeder to dose the material, it is injected into a mold from Männer (part of BARNES) to manufacture pipette tips across 64 cavities. The pipette tips are 48mm long, weigh .255 grams, and have a cycle time of 6.0 seconds.


Two temperature control units from HB-Therm are being used to regulate each mold half at the optimum temperature. Cooling duties are handled by a Frigel air-cooled chiller to increase production by reducing the time for the part to cool. This mold requires a hot runner for maximum performance. Gammaflux has provided their hot runner manifold and hot runner temperature controller. The hot runner system allows for faster cycling and more sustainable manufacturing due to no plastic waste.


SE-EV-A Features Provided as Standard.

The high-performance specifications and overlapping functions of clamp and injection required for injection-compression molding are provided as standard with the SE-EV-A. This includes:

  • High injection speeds (100% shot weight injected in 0.1 sec)
  • High-precision clamp motion control in conjunction with injection
  • Multi-toggle clamp force control that offers two modes:

– A high-cycle mode in which filling begins during clamping for improved cycle time

– A gas-release mode in which filling begins during low-pressure clamping for improved part quality


Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s worldwide group of companies is dedicated to helping plastics processors compete more effectively in the global market. The company manufactures a wide range of high-precision IM machines for diverse applications. Its all-electric platform (SE, IntElect, SR and CL series) spans from 20 to 935 U.S. tons, including micro to mid-sized, high-speed, packaging, high-duty, vertical, insert and high-speed multi-shot machine series. Ultra-high-speed hybrid machines (El-Exis SP and Systec SP series) are offered in models from 165 to 825 U.S. tons for packaging and other thin-wall applications. Configurable, high-performance hydraulic and toggle machines (Systec Series), including multi-component models, are also provided for applications from 39 to 2248 U.S. tons. Equally important, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has an extensive worldwide network, ensuring customers of sales, parts, training, service and processing support when and where it is needed. Information on the North American operations of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag can be found at



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