Compliance and Sustainability

Our pledge to our communities

Compliance and safety are paramount for our company as they have a direct impact on the well-being of our employees, customers, our community and the environment. Prioritizing compliance with regulations and safety standards reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. Moreover, we recognize that environmental concerns are of critical importance. Hence, we are committed to responsibly managing the impact that our business has on the health and safety of our employees, customers, our community, and the environment. 

Why we use ISNetworld

ISNetworld is a comprehensive online platform that offers numerous benefits to organizations operating in industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities. It simplifies the contractor prequalification process, enabling companies to efficiently assess the health, safety, and environmental performance of their suppliers and contractors. By streamlining compliance management, ISNetworld reduces administrative burdens, improves risk management, and enhances overall operational efficiency. It facilitates better communication and collaboration between clients and contractors, promoting transparency and fostering long-term relationships.

Our pledge to reduce plastic waste

Our participation in Operation Clean Sweep provides numerous benefits to our company and the wider plastics industry. By implementing the best practices and guidelines offered by the initiative, we can effectively prevent pellet, flake, and powder loss during our molding, processing and transportation procedures. This proactive approach helps us minimize plastic waste, protect the environment, and showcase our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, our participation allows us to contribute to a collaborative network within the industry, fostering knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and collective efforts toward a more sustainable future. This not only enhances our reputation but also attracts environmentally conscious customers and partners who value our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Measurable Sustainability Impact

Ecovadis offers a range of benefits to companies committed to sustainability and responsible business practices. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive sustainability rating system that assesses a company’s performance across various environmental, social and ethical criteria. This evaluation helps companies identify areas for improvement, set sustainability goals, and enhance their overall performance. Secondly, Evovadis provides valuable benchmarking data and insights, allowing companies to compare their sustainability performance with industry peers and identify best practices. This enable companies to stay competitive and drive continuous improvement.

C-TPAT Certification | Assurance Internationally

We have pursued the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification due to its significant advantages in international trade and supply chain security. The C-TPAT program, led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, establishes a partnership between businesses and the government to strengthen global supply chains against potential security threats. By obtaining the C-TPAT certification, we demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding our supply chain and ensuring the integrity of our operations. This certification offers several benefits, including expedited processing at borders, reduced inspections, and enhanced security measures. By participating in the C-TPAT program, we gain access to valuable resources, best practices, and information-sharing networks that help us mitigate risks and maintain the highest standards of security. Moreover, the C-TPAT certification enhances our reputation and demonstrates to our partners, clients, and stakeholders that we prioritize supply chain security, enabling us to forge stronger relationships and maintain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.