Direct-Drive All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

IntElect  models: 50, 100, 160, 220, 280, 350 and 450

IntElect SP models: 50, 75, 100, 130 and 180

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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s IntElect Series of direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines is available in 7 model sizes from 56 to 506 U.S. tons. Its fully-electric machine concept is based on innovative direct-drive technology. Direct-drive machines offer increased energy efficiency and exceptional responsiveness, ensuring higher levels of precision and repeatability.

The increased efficiency delivered by direct drives means that they use considerably less energy than hydraulic machines. And because electric drives generate less heat than their hydraulic counterparts, they require less cooling, further reducing the burden on your electrical infrastructure and the investment required when building new premises.

The IntElect is available in two versions: Smart and Performance.

intelectbenefitsSmart Version

  • Air-cooled direct drives for the core axles
  • Servo-hydraulic nozzle unit
  • Belt-driven ejector
  • Low-inertia air-cooled drives for a competitive price

intelectSbenefitsPerformance Version

  • Direct drives throughout: water-cooled direct drives for the core axles for plasticizing, injection and opening the mold; nozzle unit with direct drive; direct ejector
  • Short dry-cycle times for fast turnaround
  • Guidance system fitted as standard
  • Optimized for clean-room environments up to ISO class 7
  • Up to 75% quieter than conventional machines

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