High-Speed All-Electric Injection Molding Machines
For Thin-wall, Packaging and Caps and Closures Applications

Models: SE280HSZ-Pack, SE350HSZ-Pack

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For molders preferring high-speed all-electric injection molding machines, the SE-HSZ-Pack Series brings the advantages of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s advanced direct-drive motor technology to high-speed thin-wall, packaging and caps and closures molding applications in the mid-tonnage range. Available in 308 and 385 U.S. ton models (280 and 350 metric tons), the SE-HSZ-Pack provides the energy efficiency, cleaner molding environment and precision benefits of an all-electric combined with the higher speeds and pressures typically found only on high-performance hybrids and hydraulics.

Equipped with direct-drive motors for both injection and clamping, the SE-HSZ-Pack is ideally suited for thin-wall and packaging parts that run on fast cycle times and require high injection speeds. These direct-drive motors have a lighter, more compact, low-inertia/high-torque design that draws power only as it is needed, is easier and faster to stop and start, and is exceptionally precise. The resulting performance specs speak for themselves:

  • Higher Injection speeds of 550 to 650 mm/sec
  • Velocity response of 25 milliseconds
  • Injection pressures up to 39,740 psi
  • Mold open/close speed of 51.2 in/sec (1300 mm/sec)

Raising the bar for injection molding machine control, the SE-HSZ-Pack is equipped with Sumitomo’s Zero-Molding, an easy-to-use PC-based control that provides an exceptional level of injection molding precision with low-pressure filling and reduced clamp force. Unique attributes of the Z include:

  • Flow Front Control (FFC) System (patent pending) that optimizes the flow front further allowing control of low internal pressures inside the cavities
  • Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) System which helps avoid flash, burn spots and shorts shots, and can reduce mold wear, cycle time and power consumption
  • Simple Process Setting (SPS) System which allows easy setup and operations while helping the operator avoid oversights and mistakes

Several other innovative features, unique to Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, can also be found on the SE-HSZ-Pack:

  • Low-shear, low-temperature SM screw
  • Double Center Press Platen design that ensures superior surface pressure balance even in the center surface area of the mold
  • Twin-cylinder, high-contact-force nozzle-touch system that provides contact force equivalent to a hydraulic clamp machine plus excellent mold protection and faster cycle times
  • Constant feedback clamp force sensor for exceptionally stable clamp force control
  • High-precision mold height adjustment using a highly precise rotary encoder

The SE-HSZ-Pack is backed by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Program which includes the industry’s best warranty program, worry-free parts, responsive field service and financing availability.

Please use the SE-HSZ-Pack Info links below for more information about this series of high-precision all-electric injection molding machines.