The VDU® Control is the only OEM control for Van Dorn HT, HP, Classic Toggle, Spectra and Caliber series injection molding machines. (See link to VDU Suitability Chart below.)

This innovative control can be a game changer for your legacy Van Dorn machines, delivering faster cycle times, improved precision and repeatability, and reduced scrap and downtime.

The VDU combines familiar Pathfinder® screen formats with the advanced capabilities of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s state-of-the-art controls and software. It’s an ultra-fast PC-based control that has been OEM-designed to take full advantage of your machines’ capabilities and put unparalleled control of precision and repeatability at your fingertips.

Familiar Screens with State-of-the-Art Control

  • Ultra-fast PC-based control with complete system scan time under a half millisecond
  • Full closed-loop process control
  • Full profiling and graphing functions
  • Multiple USB ports for setup storage
  • 15-inch XGA high-resolution touch-screen
  • Drag-n-drop profile settings
  • Ethernet access
  • Production data system
  • Data logging with Excel export
  • Two-stage low-pressure close with try-again
  • Auto-tune barrel temperature control with graphics
  • Compatibility with plant monitoring systems

The Worry-free Control

  • OEM designed and installed to ensure peak machine performance and a custom fit
  • Preprogrammed for fast addition of commonly used options
  • On-site training plus support throughout the upgrade process
  • Two-year parts plus one-year labor warranty
  • Eliminates costly problems associated with old controls

Easy Modification Process

Protecting and building the value of your fleet with the VDU is easy, too. Each unit purchased includes:

  • Installation and support by certified Sumitomo (SHI) Demag service engineers
  • A two-piece operator station with hard and soft keys and 15″ touchscreen
  • Replacement of modules and power supply
  • Valve tuning and setting of PID values

For more information, please use the VDU Info links below or email us.


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