Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s SE-DUZ Series direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines ensure the highest levels of clamping performance with:

  • Low inertia, high-performance direct-drive motors for clamping and ejection with a new high-response servo system
  • A unique clamping force correcting system that uses a sensor on the tie bar (strain gauge) that measures actual clamp tonnage
  • Zero-Molding’s Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) System determines the minimum force required at mold touch. Using this system can avoid excessive clamp force which can result in mold deformation and poor release of gases.
  • Clamp open/close speeds to 1200mm/sec, and low vibration, for improved cycle times and smooth, quiet operation
  • CPP (Center Press Platen) clamp design for improved force distribution, elimination of short-shot and flash problems, and improved mold protection

Electric injection molding machine clamping unit

  • High-speed ejector operation (333mm/sec)
  • Ejector impact absorber feature that prevents parts from sticking to the ejector pins
  • Moving platen supports (standard) with a larger shoe for added support area

SE-DUZ clamp operation also provides the capabilities needed for a wide range of applications. Multi-stage mold open/close speed control can be used to tailor machine operation to specific mold requirements. Excellent clamp force linearity, from low to high tonnage, enables optimum setting of clamp force to suit parts with different projected areas. Additionally, selectable auto-ramping modes can be used to optimize clamp open and close profiles for fast cycling with shock-free movement.

Plus, mold protection is never an issue with the SE-DUZ. With low pressure mold protection settable to 0.3mm, and mold open/close positions settable to 0.1mm, precision mold protection is ensured and there’s no banging – even at high speeds. Mold open stop position accuracy of 20 microns, an important factor for take-out robots and 3-plate molds, is ensured with monitoring by precise optical encoders and full closed-loop control.

Features supporting fast, easy mold changeovers include:

  • Extended horizontal clearance between tie bars
  • Simple (digital remote) clamp force adjustment
  • Increased space for tie-in of ejector rods

Multi-toggle clamp force control, a standard feature on the SE-DUZ, offers two modes:

  • A high-cycle mode in which filling can begin during clamping for improved cycle time
  • And a gas-release mode in which filling can begin during low-pressure clamping for improved part quality

For optimum life of the ball screws, toggle pins and tie bar bushings, the SE-DUZ is equipped with a highly reliable, automatic grease supply through a valve-type progressive distribution system that uses easy-to-load grease cartridges that can be changed on-the-fly.

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