Thin-wall, Packaging and Caps and Closures Molding

The only supplier with a complete packaging line — from record-setting speed/performance to general purpose.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag provides an unmatched range of injection molding machinery solutions to meet the needs of high-speed packaging, caps and closures, buckets, containers and other thin-wall product applications. From the ultra-high-speed hybrid El-Exis SP and the exceptionally energy-efficient all-electric SE-HSZ-Pack injection molding machines, to the new SE-EV-AHD CT-6 spec and economical hybrid Systec Series, we have packaging molding solutions to meet all your application, productivity and profitability requirements.



El-Exis SP Models: 150/500, 200/560, 250/630, 300/720, 350/820, 420/820, 450/920, 580/1020, 750/1120, 800/1120 and NEW 1000/1195

To read about the new El-Exis SP 1000, click here.

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A “true hybrid” machine, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s El-Exis SP injection molding machine series offers the industry’s best combination of ultra-high-speed, precision, energy efficiency and reliability. Available in model sizes from 169 to 1124 U.S. tons, the El-Exis SP combines ultra-high-speed injection via hydraulic accumulator and servo-valve; an energy-efficient electric screw drive for maximum plasticizing capacity and melt homogeneity; and a clamping unit with AC servo drive and hydrostatic transmission for high-speed, energy-efficient mold open/close. Read more…

SE-HSZ-Pack Series


Models: SE280HSZ-Pack, SE350HSZ-Pack

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For molders preferring an all-electric machine for their packaging applications, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s SE-HSZ-Pack high-speed all-electric injection molding machines bring the advantages of advanced direct-drive motor technology to high-speed packaging molding applications in the mid-tonnage range. Available in 308 and 385 U.S. ton models (280 and 350 metric tons), the SE-HSZ-Pack provides the energy efficiency, cleaner molding environment and precision benefits of an all-electric combined with the higher speeds and pressures typically found only on high-performance hybrids and hydraulics. Read more…

NEW SE-EV-AHD CT-6 Spec Series

SE315EV-A-HD All-Electric

Models: SE220EV-AHD CT-6, SE250EV-AHD CT-6, SE280EV-AHD CT-6, SE315EV-AHD CT-6, SE350EV-AHD CT-6, SE385EV-AHD CT-6, SE450EV-AHD CT-6 and SE500EV-AHD CT-6

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This new machinery option brings together the popular SE-EV-AHD Series all-electric with new higher performance specifications tailored to meet a wide range of packaging product applications with cycle times down to 6 seconds. To ensure the overall productivity for packaging applications, the CT-6 spec combines increased injection performance with durability improvements required by long-term, fast-cycle molding. These include:

  • Injection speeds have been increased up to 330 mm/s dependent on injection unit size
  • Advanced direct-drive motor technology for clamping delivers fast, reliable, high-speed mold open/close and shorter cycle times
  • Toggle support rigidity has been improved to ensure reliability at fast cycles
  • Toggle cross-head linearity displacement has been improved to extend toggle lifespan
  • The SM screw assembly has been added as standard

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Systec Series

Systec Series

Systec Models: 160, 210, 280, 350, 420, 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1300 and 1500

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Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s Systec Series (163 to 1530 metric tons – 180 to 1686 U.S. tons) of hybrid-toggle injection molding machines offers configurability and reliable performance at a very competitive price. With its rugged and compact design, the Systec accommodates large and heavy molds with ease. Designed to provide high performance with lower operating costs, this machine series features highly dynamic DFEE pumps that consume considerably less energy compared to standard drives, and the oil-bypass-style cooling and filtration circuit extends oil service life to 25,000 hours — up to five times the norm. Read more…