Packaging Machine Specifications

For Thin-wall, Packaging and Caps and Closures Injection Molding Machines

For high-speed packaging, caps and closures, buckets, containers and other thin-wall product applications, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag manufactures high-speed hybrid and all-electric injection molding machines in model sizes from 169 to 882 U.S. tons.

From the ultra-high-speed hybrid El-Exis SP and the exceptionally energy-efficient all-electric SE-HSZ PACK molding machines, to the new, economical hybrid Systec SP Series, we have packaging molding solutions to meet all your application, productivity and profitability requirements.

Please use the following links to view or request specifications for these thin-wall and packaging machine series. Additional information for these high-speed machines, including literature, stock machine availability and videos, can be found using the Machine Info Links below.

El-Exis SP ultra-high-speed hybrid — Model sizes from 169 to 882 U.S. tons
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SE-HSZ-Pack high-speed all-electric — Model sizes from 308 to 385 U.S. tons
SE280HSZ-Pack Metric Unit Specifications
SE350HSZ-Pack Metric Unit Specifications

Systec SP high-speed hybrid — Model sizes from 180 to 472 U.S. tons
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El-Exis SP


Systec SP

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