High-Speed Multi-Shot/Multi-Material All-Electrics

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s high-speed double-shot SE-HS-CI all-electric injection molding machines are designed with a high-speed, high-accuracy rotary plate in the clamping unit. The rotary plate design enables the use of existing single-shot molds or integrated double-shot molds for significant flexibility and cost savings.

The exceptionally fast rotary plate system achieves 180° rotation in 0.8 seconds. Compared with a typical 2.0-second rotation time, this achieves a 1.2-second reduction in cycle time.

Another feature of the SE-HS-CI Series that supports fast cycle times is fast clamp open/close speeds of 1300 mm/second (51.18 in/sec).

The SE-HS-CI’s Double Center Press Platen design ensures superior surface pressure balance throughout the central surface area of the double-shot mold(s). It also:

  • Can reduce clamp force requirements by 20-30%, which combined with the wide mold space often allows molds to be run on smaller machines
  • Reduces platen deflection and provides improved mold and core-pin protection
  • Prevents flash and short-shot molding

Other clamp unit features of the SE-HS-CI include:

  • Sumitomo’s advanced direct-drive all-electric motor technology for clamping
  • A unique clamping force correcting system that uses a sensor on the tie bar (strain gauge) that measures actual clamp tonnage
  • A highly reliable, automatic grease supply through a valve-type progressive distribution system that uses easy-to-load grease cartridges that can be changed on-the-fly

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